'Bachelor In Paradise' Live Blog: Who's Engaged & Where Do All The Couples Stand Now?

'Bachelor In Paradise' Live Blog: Who's Engaged & Where Do All The Couples Stand Now?

September 12, 2018 0 By admin

It all comes down to this — the finale of ‘Bachelor in Paradise’! Will any of the remaining three couples get engaged? Plus, Kendall and Joe and Astrid and Kevin come face-to-face during the show reunion. Follow along here as it all goes down!

There are just three couples left who went into the fantasy suites on Bachelor in Paradise: Jordan and Jenna, Chris and Krystal and Annaliese and Kamil. The Sept. 11 episode kicks off with Annaliese and Kamil meeting on the beach for their final rose ceremony. Annaliese tells Kamil she loves him and gushes over feeling “safe” with him. He responds with a similar speech about knowing Annaliese was special from the day they met. “I want to have a future together,” Kamil says. “I know you’re ready for an engagement, but right now I am not. I need to move at a pace that is long-term for us. The love I have for you is very strong and I want it to blossom outside of Paradise.” Luckily, Annaliese is perfectly happy with his decision, and they leave Paradise as a happy couple.

Next up is Jordan and Jenna. Before meeting Jordan on the beach, Jenna is admittedly worried that he might not propose, and admits she’ll be “crushed” if that’s the case. After she opens up to Jordan about how he made her believe in love again, he finally has his moment. Jordan tells Jenna that she helped him believe in love at first sight, and lets her know that he wants to build a family with her and “make all [her] dreams come true.” From there, he gets down on one knee and proposes. Jenna happily accepts.

Finally, it’s time for Chris and Krystal. Chris admits he fears things not working out in the real world, and Krystal worries about what that means for their meeting on the beach. In the end, though, Chris pushes his fears aside and proposes to Krystal with a pear-shaped ring. He scares her for a minute during the speech, though. “I have to be honest with you. I’m so sorry Krystal, but it would be unfair to the both of us if I left here today hold your hand…because I want to leave here holding your heart,” he laughs. “I want to give you my heart today, tomorrow and forever. I love you so much and can’t picture a life without you.”

Next, it’s time for the reunion special. John and Olivia, who left Paradise as a couple before the fantasy suites, are first to give an update. Olivia reveals that they spent the first few weeks after Paradise Facetiming, and event spent a weekend together, but eventually, John told Olivia he just wanted to be friends. “I totally understand — long distance sucks,” Olivia says. “But I just feel like if you wanted to make it work…you would’ve made the effort.” She also calls him out for flaunting a relationship with Chelsea after the show. “You were Facetiming her, that could’ve been time you were Facetiming me!” she says. “That was a slap in my face!”

As for Angela and Eric, they hash out what went down between them when he agreed to be “all in” on their relationship, but then went on a date with Cassandra. “I just wish you would’ve come to me first,” Angela tells him. “I Didn’t and I’m sorry and I apologize,” Eric tells her. “The decision was wrong.” In the end, Angela accepts the apology. Meanwhile, Tia and Colton confirm they’re finally on the same page in their relationship…as friends. Neither of them have any regrets about what went down, they admit that they both want the best for each other. Even Jordan and David are able to put their past behind them, hug it out, and leave as friends!

Keep updating, because we’ll be updating our recap all episode long!

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