Gayle King: CBS must share results of Moonves probe

Gayle King: CBS must share results of Moonves probe

September 11, 2018 0 By admin

“CBS This Morning” anchor Gayle King on Tuesday urged her bosses to reveal the results of their investigation into sexual misconduct allegations against former chairman Les Moonves.

“I don’t know how we move forward if we at CBS don’t have full transparency about what we find,” King said on her show.

“In our own house we must have transparency.”

CBS has hired two law firms to probe the behavior of the company’s longtime honcho — who stepped down Sunday amid a wave of allegations that include forcing women to perform oral sex and retaliating professionally against those who rebuffed his come-ons.

But the network’s severance agreement with Moonves contains a confidentiality clause promising to keep the details of the investigation a secret — which King said she found “disturbing.”

“How can we have this investigation and not know how it comes out? Les Moonves has been on the record, he says listen he didn’t do these things, that it was consensual, that he hasn’t hurt anybody’s career, and I would think that it would be in his best interests for us to hear what the report finds out,” she said.

“On the other hand, you have women who are coming forward, very credibly talking about something that’s so painful and so humiliating. It’s been my experience that women don’t come out and speak this way for no reason. They just don’t. They just don’t do it.”

The investigation is still ongoing, but the company says it will make a decision on the results by February 2019.

If the probe fails to find wrongdoing, Moonves could walk away with a $120 million golden parachute.

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