PGA Championship Round 4: Tiger Woods hole by hole

PGA Championship Round 4: Tiger Woods hole by hole

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It’s Sunday at the PGA Championship. Tiger Woods (-8) is four shots back of the lead and paired up with Gary Woodland (-9). He’s wearing red and most certainly feeling confident. Strap in, folks.

🐅 on the prowl. 🔥#PGAChamp

— PGA of America (@PGA) August 12, 2018

Tea Time: 2:35 EST

TV Coverage: CBS

Round 1 Score: 70
Round 2 Score: 66
Round 3 Score: 66

Follow along as we track Tiger Woods hole-by-hole:

Hole 1, Par 4, 425 yards

Iron shot at the tee box goes 271 yards and slightly to the left, rolling softly into the bunker. That set Woods up for a fantastic escape out of the sand, over the tree line and just a few yards from the pin. His birdie shot just kissed the lip and rolled out. Par. 8-under. T-9 (4 back). 

Hole 2, Par 4, 410 yards

This shot from an awkward lie set up Tiger’s first birdie of the day at the second .

— Golf Digest (@GolfDigest) August 12, 2018

Again using his iron, the tee shot lands just short of the water hazard and it’s no issue for Tiger. He lofts it over the pond with his second shot and spins it back towards the flag yet again for another birdie opportunity. And for the first time in ten tries, Woods finds a birdie with a three-foot putt. Birdie. 9-under (1-under on the day). 3rd Place (3 back). 

Hole 3, Par 3, 148 yards

Locked. In. @TigerWoods is solo second. #PGAChamp

— Golf Channel (@GolfChannel) August 12, 2018

This is just silly. Using a 9-iron, Tiger goes right at the pin and sticks it inches from the cup. The ball barely moved once it hit the green and for the third time in as many holes it’s a birdie opportunity. Sinks it. Woods was momentarily two-back, but a birdie by Koepka at No. 1 took care of that.  Birdie. 10-under (2-under on the day). 2nd Place (3-back). 

Hole 4, Par 4, 521 yards

Tiger goes to the driver for the first time Sunday and the results are a bit underwhelming. It’s nearly 300 yards off the tee, but the shot stays on a straight line and goes right off the edge and into the bunker. The second shot forced Woods to lay it up out of the sand but he gave himself a great look at the green and escapes with par. In the meantime, Justin Thomas moves to 10-under through five holes and into a tie with Tiger for second. Par. 10-under (2-under on the day). T-2 (3-back). 

Hole 5, Par 4, 471 yards

If Woods wasn’t feeling it before, he certainly is after four holes. On the way to the tee box at five, he’s high-fiving fans and looking confident.

On the hunt. 🐅#PGAChamp

— PGA of America (@PGA) August 12, 2018

Tiger goes back to the driver and it cuts just to the right and into the rough, bouncing around the crowd but safely away from any further hazards. With 171 yards to the pin, Woods gets extremely aggressive and goes right for the green. He gets it over the trees with a 9-iron but leaves it just off the right of the green and in the rough. Not a bad shot at all given the circumstances. He lofts his third shot onto the green, giving him just three feet to save par again. Up ahead on the course, Thomas finished off another birdie to take sole possession of second place. Par. 10-under (2-under on the day). 3rd Place (3-back).

Hole 6, Par 3, 213 yards

The driver goes away and the irons come back out for this one. And the result isn’t pretty — nor is Tiger’s reaction. Woods first shot goes past the back of the green and lands in the sand trap accompanied by a few angry grunts from Tiger. For the third time in as many holes, he’ll have to save par and like to strike later. But while making his trek up the fairway, Koepka dropped a shot on the fourth hole, putting Tiger just two back again. It’s probably best Tiger didn’t know that. His second shot out of the bunker rolled into the first cut behind the cup, setting up a two-putt for his first bogey on the day. This one is a missed opportunity in many ways. We’ll see how much, if at all, it haunts him. Bogey. 9-under (1-under on the day). T-4 (3 back).


Michael Phelps watches Tiger Woods at Bellerive! #PGAChamp

— PGA of America (@PGA) August 12, 2018

(Insert Spider-man pointing meme here)

Hole 7, Par 4, 394 yards

We’ve got a theme developing off the tee box. Again, Woods goes to the right with his first shot and it ends up in the rough, but with a clear shot at the green. The second shot is on line, but way too strong, rolling off the back of the green and into the rough again. The chip shot settles down about eight feet to the left of the hole. Drains it. Behind him, Koepka drops another shot and now Woods has a birdie-friendly par 5 coming up. Par. 9-under (1-under on the day). T-3 (2 back).


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Tiger Woods starts Sunday’s final round at Bellerive just four strokes off the lead. (AP Photo)

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